Lupus Night

Photo from the Headmaster's Study'

The Screenplay

The Incompetent Headmaster Junek

Since Headmaster Šťastný retired, the situation in the all-girls boarding school he used to steer with an iron fist has changed dramatically. The new head of the the school, Headmaster Karel Gustav Junek, is young and progressive and the main weapons in his arsenal are psychoanalysis, hypnosis and kind words. It has no effect on the students, but Junek finds himself struck by visions of students longing for him and seeking his touch during the sessions.

The Return of Headmaster Šťastný

Without the threat of punishment howering above their heads, the girls have gone wild and commit horrible atrocities. The School Board thus asks aging Headmaster Šťastný to return. He remembers most of the board members since when they were students themselves and fears that if daughters are like mothers, his age and state of health could prohibit him from being up to the task once again. Eventually he agrees to give a hand temporarily.

The situation turns up to be even worse than expected: The girls disrupt the education process by discussing women´s rights, claiming allegiance to the Soufragette movement and wearing blue stockings. According to the teachers, the worst of them are concentrated around Ms Panwurst, one of the students.

Photo from the Headmaster's Study'

The Correction of Emilia Panwurst

Ms Panwurst belongs to the new generation of students with no experience of Šťastný as his time-prowen disciplinary measures. As it turns out, she has never been spanked at home either. She feels that handing over the cane, bending over, presenting her bare bottom, getting spanked and finally kneeling in the corner is the worst humiliation of her life.

Feministic Leaflets

The return to the traditional way of upbringing quickly causes the school to shape up yet again. At the same time, however, leaflets with feminist mottoes begin to appear in mailboxes. It is obvious who the perpetrators are: Two students get caught by Constable Bretschneider with leaflets at hand.

They however don´t appear to be the masterminds of the whole action: They weep from the very beginning and one agrees to getting punished suspiciously quickly. She begs for the Headmaster to tell her father that the issue was already dealt with in school, because the father has just bought a bull pizzle and she is scared to death of getting beaten with it. Headmaster Šťastný does reply that there is no reason to worry since a woman can take more than a human, but he is far from happy. Despite their tears and regret, the girls insist on having it done all by themselves using potato stamps.

Photo from the Headmaster's Study'

The Leaflet Mastermind

The Headmaster has a lot of time and decades of experience. He bullies and humiliates the girls until he gets a shocking admission out of them: They recieved the leaflets from Ms. Pondelickova, a teacher and Šťastný´s former student.

When the constable arrives to pick the girls up and arrest them, he gets told rather unbelievably that the whole incident was an unfortunate accident: The studens have picked the leaflets up from the ground and were on their way to turn them in. The girls themselves are ashamed and afraid senseless and have no clue as to why the are being saved by the Headmaster, who carries on to give some ragtag speech about lives needlessly wasted because of petty things and basically sends the students away to think about what punishment they deserve and come back to him tommorow after school. But they have to stop by Pondelickova´s place on their way home and tell her to come to the school at once despite the late time.

Photo from the Headmaster's Study'

Mastermind´s punishment

Pondelickova has no reason to lie, having already been told by the students what Headmaster Šťastný knows. He speaks of tremendous disappointment in his own student. However, to save the school´s reputation, he offers to transfer Pondelickova to a village one-class school in Halic when the school year ends in a few days. There are only Russians there and even she is unlikely to make them any worse. She has to cease her agitation and leaflet distribution of course and the students will see that not even a teacher is extempt from the Headmaster´s right to punish.

Despite accepting Halic with surprising ease, Pondelickova is terrified by the notion of spanking and claims for it to be humiliating for an adult woman to be punished physically, and especially by spanking her bare bottom. She is however given no choice and treated like a young student. She tries to keep a stiff upper lip during the spanking, but ultimately fails and ends up in hysterical crying and begging for the Headmaster to stop. She returns to her school years quickly and offers no resistance when ordered to go kneel in the corner.

Photo from the Headmaster's Study'

Punishment of Leaflet Distributors

Students Patkova and Nedelkova trudge to the Headmaster´s office the following day with an apparent feeling of impending doom. They promise penitence and obedience, but can´t be made to say how severe punishment they deserve. The Headmaster calls forth Ms Pondelickova to show them how her bottom ended up. The girls are scared by what they see and beg forgivenes. The Headmaster has to order them to do one thing after the another: how to hand over the cane, how to bend over, how to count the strikes. Unlike the teacher, the students don´t even pretend to possess any kind of bravery and spend the whole spanking in tears and wailing. When it is all over, they are reduced to sobbing poor things and the Headmaster complains about a doctor´s order about not working in a noisy place; he is thus grateful that he would be leaving the school soon again.


When the school year ends, the School Board want a huge photo with the legendary Headmaster to perserve his memory. The lined-up students hold a huge strip of cloth with „The grateful school thanks the Honorable Headmaster Šťastný“ inscribed. When the photographer disappears unter the cloth behind his apparatus, they turn the cloth strip they are holding to show a different, provocative message: A feminist motto.

Only in Death Does Duty End

It seems the Headmaster has no choice but to carry on with his work...